Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a Week!

And what a day.. I just ate sweet potatoes, cereal, and blackberries for dinner. Oh, and one meat stick. I think I prefer the turkey sticks. We had our kitchen faucet fixed (which included some hot water spraying everywhere), had a visit from a Tucson friend (who is living in Michigan now), and had some crazy thunderstorms. We are hoping for less severe weather tomorrow, since Friday's dad is supposed to be flying back home!

Boy Friday is now 9 months old - can you believe it? Of course I forgot to take a photo of him today, and now he's asleep. Oh, wait - I have a couple on my phone. Alas, those are grainy and out-of-focus.

Let's see... last Saturday my dad flew in to visit (and for business, but we're glad we got to see him for a little bit). The little dude appeared to enjoy his time with his grandfather (um, what are we supposed to be calling you, anyhow?). We even tried a little photo session on Wednesday. Boy Friday's eyes were closed in almost every picture we took with one of the cameras - he thought the red-eye lamp was hilarious! I did get ONE picture of him smiling, though:

Smiling with Dad

Here's what the rest looked like:

More Weird Expressions!

He makes the silliest faces these days! I really think one of my sisters did this odd sniffing face, too - it just feels familiar.

Friday has been practicing pushing his belly off the floor, although he isn't moving particularly quickly. He goes in little circles, and today I noticed he can push himself backward a little bit.
April 24 09
He's getting closer to being mobile!

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