Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back in September.

Skype Call with Grandma from Girl Thursday on Vimeo.

..when his hair was shorter. And the weather was warmer. Although, in fact, he's running around without a shirt right now.

This video is long, but at least the beginning is really cute. The Boy is quite animated here! I have not edited this yet.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dancing in the Kitchen

There's actually a better video, but apparently I can't edit that sort of video file on my computer. Thus, I can't edit it down to a short enough thing for Flickr. Yet. But, here's the shorter dancing video from last month:

Monday, November 8, 2010

Books and Reading

October 31 - reading before heading out
Checking out some books while in costume on Halloween
While we were out doing some grocery shopping today, the Boy decided he'd have a look at a Cars (you know, the Disney/Pixar movie) book. It's one with several different stories, rather thick, and has PAPER pages, rather than those board books he usually gets to read. He was entranced with this book for hours. All through Costco. Carried it into the grocery store. And we read one story out of it before bedtime.

He just looks so much OLDER "reading" such a big book! He has a lot of the stories memorized, I would guess, since he can almost always finish the line you're reading. Recently he's actually been mistaken for an older child quite often. At the My Gym Halloween party, one mother thought he was close in age to her own child - who is FOUR. Seriously? Four? I don't think so. Others have thought he's got to be at least three. It's true he's rather tall for a two-year-old, but he still uses his pacifier, and has been known to throw tantrums in check-out lines. Not that older kids don't do that. A woman at the garden said she'd thought he was older because he speaks so well.

Well, that may be the case, but, honestly, I don't understand half of what the little dude says! I'm really amused that he's started introducing himself to everyone at stores - "I sa shude and this is elmo." Sometimes he'll tell them that "this is mommy," too. Nobody understands "Isa Shude." Probably just as well.

'Struction Worker for Halloween

October 31, 2010
Dressed up as Bob the Builder for Halloween

October 31 - planting a Pansy
Helping to plant a Pansy at the Model Train Garden

October 31 - Bob the Builder
"posing" with daddy before heading to the Garden

October 31 - Bob the Builder
As dressed up as we get around here...

October 31 - with Lollypop
Bob the Builder has discovered the joys of Lollypops!
I attempted to do some actual dressing up for Halloween this year, since the Boy has become more cognizant of costumes and such. The weekend before Halloween weekend, our landlord asked him what he was going to be and the Boy said "Bob the builder!" I was startled, not realizing how much he understands, clearly. We had discussed perhaps doing Bob, mainly because I figured - hey, overalls, plaid shirt, hat, tools? I can do that! I didn't realize the whole idea had caught on, though.

So, off to get overalls, plaid shirt, tool belt... Not as easy as I'd hoped. As you can see by the photos, the plaid shirt was refused. It was fine in the store, but once I got it home "nope!" The Boy is quite picky about his clothing. He really likes "soft pants" and it was amazing that I managed to get the rough overalls on him at all. The hard hat is really cute and I like having different hats to try on... even though his lego bucket gets as much or more use as a "fire hat" or "struction hat."

We now have a ton of tools, since I picked up a tool + belt set in the days before Halloween... that of course did not fit. It's HUGE. I'm not sure how many years it will be before the belt fits! Three or four? No matter. I stuck the tools in his pockets. He promptly removed them.

Although we did not go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, we did head up the the Botanic Garden for the last day of the model railroad garden until spring. I had no idea there would be treats! They had people stationed throughout with smarties, fake tattoos, and his absolute favorite - lollypops. Everyday since... "would you like some oatmeal or applesauce for breakfast?" says mommy, "ooooorrrrr.... Lollypop!" he'll say.

The garden also gave out flowers as treats - and the Boy got to "help" put the Pansy into a pot with soil. We headed home right after getting our plant, since it was very chilly, getting late, and the little dude hadn't really had a nap. So, no trick or treating, but I'd say still a successful first Halloween celebration.