Friday, April 3, 2009

Eight Month Doctor Visit

April 3 09

Today we went to the doctor for Boy Friday's 8-month visit. He's been rather cranky lately and we suspected a tooth or two might be coming in. Yep! They aren't in yet, but apparently FOUR teeth are coming in. All four upper incisors! No wonder the little guy is having so much trouble sleeping.

Boy Friday hasn't grown very fast lately - just one inch in length in the last two months, and less than one pound in weight! Now he's at the 10th percentile for weight, 40th for height. And I thought he was going to be huge based on how big he got in the first couple of months!

He's moving around quite a bit now - no crawling yet, but he can definitely get around. Not too speedy yet, either - which is a good thing! The doctor says we can phase out the pureed foods, and move on to mainly finger foods. The little dude has gotten really good at his pincer grip and putting little puffs and o's in his mouth (and he seems to enjoy it).

Playing with Teddy Bear

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