Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas

So, back on December 20th, I was trying to get a few nice photos of the kids together while the tree was being decorated. Did not work. The Boy was having none of this (get closer to your sister! no, closer... no, you're not close enough..). So, I decided to take some photos of the Little Girl by herself on the Boy's chair. "No! I want to sit on my chair!!" was the Boy's response to this. I said, ok, here ya go!

The Boy's method for hanging ornaments was really innovative - hang the ornaments from each other! We had quite a few bundles of ornaments hung around the low branches of the tree. Most of these were moved to the upper branches within hours, as Anya discovered these awesome bundles of what she figured were cat toys. All night long I heard jingling and rustling..

We had a lovely Christmas, although the Boy is still asking about presents in his sockin' - which has been put away. He has not quite gotten the idea that presents are only for special occasions. Little Girl got many sets of new clothes and the Boy has way too many toys. Actually, he had too many toys prior to Christmas, but there is so much fun stuff out there!