Thursday, February 11, 2010

Always the Little Helper

Little Shovel Boy

This was short-lived. As you can see, Boy Friday already has his mittens off (I don't even have a photo of them on, he was that fast). Soon after this, he decided to feel the snow and I think his hands must've gone a bit numb. Didn't make him too happy, so we went back inside. You might notice his pink boots - I couldn't find any non-pink ones in his size. Next year he might be more interested in the snow anyhow. I'm not sure how much snow is out there, but it's enough that he would sink in to his waist. Enamored with snow? Um, not yet.

Toddler Getting into Trouble

He loves standing on the back of the sofa and looking out the window. His new favorite word is "Hi!" which he exclaims vehemently at random intervals. Last week we discovered he says "so big!" when asked how big he is! I haven't played that game with him much recently, but he obviously remembered the answer.

He's tall enough to get nearly anything you put down anywhere. Earplugs, which are so brightly colored, are a favorite. He can't NOT look at them if they are in his view at all (minuh minuh minuh!). Oh, yes - he says MINE. But it sounds more like minuh. Everything is minuh. Especially mail. Paper of any kind. I have to hide anything I don't want him to snatch out of my hands (bills - not yours-uh). Favorite toys of late include cars, she-shes (choo-choo), clothes, and cardboard boxes.