Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Chase is On!

And that shirt he's not quite wearing says "Catch me if you can." Of course, I CAN catch him, but really, where is the fun in that?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sick Kitty Home Today

I haven't been taking too many photos lately. We've been getting ready for the fall semester classes, as well as dealing with an ill cat. Chester has lost quite a bit of weight lately, and began exhibiting some scary symptoms late Sunday night. He's spent the last few days at the vet and is now home with a schedule of twice-daily insulin injections. I'm currently trying to keep the little guy away from Chester (I think he wants to play) - difficult because Chester REALLY wants to be in the kitchen. I'm sure he'd like me to feed him, too, but that isn't going to be happening.

Here are the last photos we took - August 17th White Sox game:

After the Game

Home Run!

White Sox Night Game

There was an hour-long rain delay, so we ended up getting home around midnight. This threw off the baby's sleep schedule for several days following! He did fairly well, though, considering there was a lot of squirming to get down and it was past his bedtime (oh, and we hadn't gotten much of a dinner before leaving the house).

No news on the walking front yet. Still lots of pulling up, and recently a lot of tearing up books (mainly the phone books).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playing with our Red Bowl

Filed under "toys that aren't really toys" also perhaps "kitchen supplies."

Not quite sure how I changed that into a widescreen shot when I cropped the end. Oops! Sorry it's a bit tight.

Monday, August 10, 2009

This One Must Be My Kid

Nothing to report from the one year doctor appointment - except no shots! Yay! The molars aren't anywhere near erupting yet (although his bite is still plenty annoying). We've been stopping at the park on our walks for Swing Time, which Boy Friday really enjoys - especially if he gets to see some other little ones around. Today he grabbed at a little girl who came up to say "Baby!" Trips to the grocery store are exciting, too - there were SO MANY babies yesterday.



Friday is making progress on the walking and pulling up fronts. He really started pulling up just one week ago, and is already letting go and free standing for brief periods. (He can reach my coffee on the table! Cats on high perches!) Now, bedtime is suffering! The other night it took several hours to get him to go to sleep (in fact, it took some Bach - Daddy's idea). Tonight, I *thought* we were ok, but he just woke up again - I still hear him squirming in there. Alas.

Learning to Walk

So, just last week I noticed a spot on Friday's right leg on the outside of his knee. Yep, it's a mole! In the SAME place that I've got a one. I've always been a bit embarrassed by it, really - this huge dark mole looking like an EYE on my (very, very pale) leg. I have other large ones, but this one in particular has always bothered me. I hope his mole doesn't bother him as much as mine bothered me.