Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teething Pains.


We've had some teething issues this past week (or so it seems)! One night Baby Friday woke up and cried for almost an entire half-hour. Bummer. Poor little dude. It doesn't look like any new teeth are in just yet - I'm hoping for soon. The Little Dude has also been practicing his screamy voice lately - you know, all day long. Oh boy! The shrieking is somewhat taxing on the human (and cat) ears. We're hoping for a calmer, more playful, less um...noisy baby soon. Sure.

Shovel it in!

Tigger says "Happy Easter!"

Easter Tigger

There is some (minor) evidence that we are, in fact, in SPRING and not WINTER. The snow that fell yesterday all melted before noon today. And there is some plant growth, even!

Perhaps Spring?

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