Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just about 18 months old...

Wow - I really can't believe it's already been a whole month since Christmas! We've actually been having some warm weather here in Chicago (um, 40F - so you still need gloves and hats...). Almost all of the snow had melted as of today (why, yes, it IS supposed to snow tomorrow, why do you ask?).

Boy Friday is just getting over a cold right now, and I really think that three colds in six months is just plenty. Yep. It's been quite overcast for most of the last month, despite the occasional warmth, and photos have been blurry at best. Here's one of Friday trying on his new Irish Sweater.

Christmas Sweater

It's a wee bit too big yet. I'm guessing it should fit him in oh, two years or so. Plenty of time for me to misplace it.



Those two are from breakfast this morning. I know, fast, huh?

Sorry about the lack of videos, but I really hate cutting out the many minutes of boring (for some reason I have not gotten the hang of modifying videos while a small person smashes his hands into the keyboard and then runs away with the mouse). Yesterday I tried to get BF saying "baybee" and patting himself on the chest. So cute! He really has no interest in saying "mommy" or "mama." Daddy thought it would be funny to have him call me "Chaka" instead - and indeed, Friday repeated that one immediately! I'm not excited to have to explain to people why my son calls me "caca" though. Luckily, he's not at all sure what "chaka" means.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cleaning the Kitchen

Here is Boy Friday, sweeper. It's quite difficult to do any sweeping in the kitchen while he's around because he wants to "help" with whatever it is that I'm using. Unless it's a scrub brush on the dishes. That just makes him scream and throw tantrums at my feet.

We're still having issues with sleep here, too (must be going around, as I hear BF's cousins are also dealing with this!). Hoping, hoping, hoping that at least the teething is ending soon. I think the last canine is still working it's way through - he even tried biting the wall a couple of days ago. No, I don't have video of that. It was weird. He then proceeded to bite the garbage can lid. Ew.

01.02.2010 Stolen Hat

Friday is enjoying putting hats on - especially mommy and daddy's! Also - as seen here - we are having serious pacifier-attachment.


Isn't this a cute shot? Taken by daddy at dinner tonight. I think BF was eating a piece of eggroll. He always wants to try whatever we're having (not always good - he doesn't like spicy food. He also insists that he wants uncooked foods like oatmeal and garlic). Once when we were having salad, Friday didn't want the arugula, but he kept asking for it just to try and put it in my mouth. Mmmmm... yummy.

We have a few more videos that I'm going to try and post soon (but it takes time to convert them to an uploadable format).