Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it almost May?

I can't believe it will be May on Friday! It actually looks like spring on our street - the trees have leaves! As of oh, two days ago. It's crazy how quickly they grow. Spring and Fall are so much more ephemeral than I remember.

We've been trying to give Boy Friday more finger foods at meal times, however he still seems to want yummy pureed fruit. And yogurt. He LOVES yogurt. And he dislikes wearing a bib.
Must get bib off
I'm so cute
Get this bib off!

He didn't get it off that time, but he's thrown it on the floor twice in the last two days.

Friday is still working on his crawling moves - he keeps pushing his rear up into the air, but he can't get his belly off the floor yet. He doesn't seem too interested in standing, either. When I try standing him up, his legs just bend, and he won't grab onto anything. Of course, he seems to like keeping his hands free and ready for action. When he was learning to sit, he never went through the "tripod" stage where the baby props himself up with his arms. Nope, just from flopping over to sitting without support!

Although I realize we aren't ready for him to be super-mobile yet, I would like it if he would NOT fall on his head from a sitting position. He just doesn't catch himself (you know, he's just so interested in those socks and that toy way over there). Once he gets onto the floor, he can't get back up, either. Perhaps the slow progression is due to my attempts to prevent him from falling on his head too often (wood and tile floors are not the softest surfaces, you know). Seems plenty happy to me, though (um, aside from his shrieky moments).
April 26 09

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