Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And another tooth...

Yep, Boy Friday has another tooth! His second tooth started coming in a few days ago. He's still chewing on everything in sight, but it's difficult to see his upper gums - so I don't know if he's working on a couple more just yet. 

Smiling Baby Friday
If you look closely (and perhaps get a magnifying lens or something), you should be able to see Friday's first tooth in that photo. That was taken before the other one started coming in. It's now much more obvious that he's got two teeth in there.

I wasn't feeling so hot the past couple of days, and the Little Dude thought the best way to celebrate with me would be to boycott sleep. Awesome. Today, however, I am feeling better, and the little guy is back to taking naps (for more than 20 minutes, even!). 

Little Side Sleeper
This isn't a great shot (and it's pre-crib), but this is how Friday likes to sleep - on his side with his arm over his face. Cute, huh?

Crib and Dresser (bad photo)
Here's another not-so-great photo. Crib (pre-bumper), as well as the new dresser/changing table (on sale at Ikea!).  Looking closely in the lower right-hand corner you can see Lotus' head. I think she might be guarding.  We do have a bumper for the crib now, and the aquarium has been moved (since he spent much of his time in the crib kicking the on-off button rather than going to sleep). 


I took some video today (all of these photos are from a week and a half ago already) - so hopefully some of it will be interesting enough to post!

No, there is no crawling yet. Or pulling up on anything. Good thing, too, since I'm not ready for that.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eventful Week!

Let's see... in the last couple of weeks Boy Friday has gotten a new crib, a new stroller, a new dresser/changing table, and even a new tooth! Phew! Not only that, but he's now tried bananas, apples, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, and peas.  He enjoys all the fruit... but he's REALLY not sure about peas. Usually he'll take a few bites before refusing any more. Still working at it (but then, I think peas are kinda icky, so I won't be too disappointed if he hates them).

The new crib is great! The little dude keeps kicking the aquarium toy on and off, on and off, on and off... I don't have a photo of the crib, but I have a picture of the new stroller:

Stroller in the House

This stroller has huge wheels, and rides smoothly over all the bumps in the sidewalks around here. It hasn't been tested in snow, as we really haven't had much since we returned from Arizona. (Although I hear we might get a few inches tomorrow night...) The Little Dude isn't excited about getting bundled up like that... and riding forward instead of backward causes him to get more wind in his face. I suspect it will be more fun for him when the weather is a bit warmer.

Here's a short bath time video!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Bathtime 01

Bathtime 02
Bathtime 04

As you can see, Baby Friday enjoys bath time now that he actually gets to sit in the water and play!

We're still working on feeding the little dude solid food. Banana and rice cereal are just fine, but he really enjoys apple.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tonight's Sleeping Baby Brought to You By...

... one twitchy calf muscle, two stiff arms, and forty minutes of patience. Please thank our sponsors: Crocs and Tylenol.

Might Bite!
But he's still asleep (for now!). We've had two rough nights in a row here. Last night the little dude went to sleep for half an hour, then was up for the next FOUR. Bummer. No idea what was causing the problem. Today it could be pain from the shots, though. The doctor thinks some teeth will be showing up in the next few weeks - he says he will "almost guarantee it." Alrighty then.

The doctor also says we can start Boy Friday on some food - he says banana. Well, I don't have any banana in the house... so we went with rice cereal (aka white, sticky mush). Yum! No, I didn't want to taste it myself.