Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is Rather Chilly

Boy at the Park

Boy at the Park

We made it out to the park again the other day, but it really was a bit on the cold side. Like, oh, 40's. And windy. Right now it's 30's. I'm not planning on wearing that down coat again! Nope.

So, what has Boy Friday been up to these days? He says "cool" and "duh" and "pretty" (pipi). I think he might even kind of understand cool and pretty. Everything is blue (boooo). Generally, there are also two of everything (he tries counting the coffee scoops with me, which is quite distracting, actually). He still carries around stuffed animals - these days he loves bunny. I almost forgot! He says "mama" - but it means edamame. I know, it's weird.

Oh, and he can open doors now. The front door is rather easy, so that needs to stay locked! And the bathroom door, which is a lever handle (and he can lock it, too, which I suppose could result in him locking himself INSIDE the bathroom by himself).

On the sleeping front, we're down to one 45 minute nap a day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Itty Bitty Photo Shoot

I met Erin at a meetup the other day, and she took a couple of photos for us.  We had a really difficult time getting Boy Friday to smile for us, though. These are the color shots - I posted the black and white versions on FaceBook. Don't you love the color clashing?! I am aware that it is not Christmas anymore. Or yet. Hopefully we'll get to hang out with Erin and her daughter, Marleigh, again soon!

What a Week!

Boy Friday, March 18

We've been having a somewhat trying week. Everyone is tired. Chester really, really wants me to feed him all the time. He jumped on my face this morning at 5 to inform me that he hadn't eaten in a while, and I'd better get up and feed him or else.

Boy Friday has been really cranky, and as it turns out - he's not feeling well. I only realized this evening he has a fever. Sounds like he might be a bit congested also - hope it isn't anything major like the flu or an ear infection.

Despite being under the weather, Friday had a great time at the park today.

Playing in the Tube

March 18 2010

March 18 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

19 Months Old

Reading a Magazine

Hanging on the Glider

A couple of images from today. I suspect I should be taking Boy Friday to the doctor soon for some checkup or other... but I forgot to make his next appointment at the end of his last one. He must be getting bigger (he seems plenty tall and quite heavy), but I'm not sure of his height or weight. He has only his 2nd molars to come in before this summer, as far as I know.

We took the rail off of Friday's crib two weeks ago, and he seems to be ok with the change. Of course, he won't stay in the bed. But then, we weren't having much luck with that anyhow.

What he loves saying: yeah, car, daddy, mo (more), pee (please), gogo (grover), coffee, papa (pasta? popcorn? pretzels? whatever, he thinks it's hilarious. always makes him laugh). He started saying "bye" just yesterday, but it's still hard to get him to say it on command. Friday also has words for bunny and Pooh bear (both of whom he carries around with his beloved Grover). It's a bit unfortunate that he absolutely has to carry around THREE animals, as he only has two hands. Every so often he'll start running through the house yelling "gogogogogogoGOGOGOGO!" because he has no idea where that Grover has got himself.

Alright then, I should go see whether there is any food for dinner!