Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it almost May?

I can't believe it will be May on Friday! It actually looks like spring on our street - the trees have leaves! As of oh, two days ago. It's crazy how quickly they grow. Spring and Fall are so much more ephemeral than I remember.

We've been trying to give Boy Friday more finger foods at meal times, however he still seems to want yummy pureed fruit. And yogurt. He LOVES yogurt. And he dislikes wearing a bib.
Must get bib off
I'm so cute
Get this bib off!

He didn't get it off that time, but he's thrown it on the floor twice in the last two days.

Friday is still working on his crawling moves - he keeps pushing his rear up into the air, but he can't get his belly off the floor yet. He doesn't seem too interested in standing, either. When I try standing him up, his legs just bend, and he won't grab onto anything. Of course, he seems to like keeping his hands free and ready for action. When he was learning to sit, he never went through the "tripod" stage where the baby props himself up with his arms. Nope, just from flopping over to sitting without support!

Although I realize we aren't ready for him to be super-mobile yet, I would like it if he would NOT fall on his head from a sitting position. He just doesn't catch himself (you know, he's just so interested in those socks and that toy way over there). Once he gets onto the floor, he can't get back up, either. Perhaps the slow progression is due to my attempts to prevent him from falling on his head too often (wood and tile floors are not the softest surfaces, you know). Seems plenty happy to me, though (um, aside from his shrieky moments).
April 26 09

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a Week!

And what a day.. I just ate sweet potatoes, cereal, and blackberries for dinner. Oh, and one meat stick. I think I prefer the turkey sticks. We had our kitchen faucet fixed (which included some hot water spraying everywhere), had a visit from a Tucson friend (who is living in Michigan now), and had some crazy thunderstorms. We are hoping for less severe weather tomorrow, since Friday's dad is supposed to be flying back home!

Boy Friday is now 9 months old - can you believe it? Of course I forgot to take a photo of him today, and now he's asleep. Oh, wait - I have a couple on my phone. Alas, those are grainy and out-of-focus.

Let's see... last Saturday my dad flew in to visit (and for business, but we're glad we got to see him for a little bit). The little dude appeared to enjoy his time with his grandfather (um, what are we supposed to be calling you, anyhow?). We even tried a little photo session on Wednesday. Boy Friday's eyes were closed in almost every picture we took with one of the cameras - he thought the red-eye lamp was hilarious! I did get ONE picture of him smiling, though:

Smiling with Dad

Here's what the rest looked like:

More Weird Expressions!

He makes the silliest faces these days! I really think one of my sisters did this odd sniffing face, too - it just feels familiar.

Friday has been practicing pushing his belly off the floor, although he isn't moving particularly quickly. He goes in little circles, and today I noticed he can push himself backward a little bit.
April 24 09
He's getting closer to being mobile!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Morning, Little Dude.

Crazy Baby = Crazy Mom

I know, I know - I shouldn't wait to send off the taxes until the last day. But, I figured that all I had left to do was check over the math, seal them all up, and walk over to the neighborhood post office. Right. A shrieking baby makes simple addition and subtraction somewhat difficult. Hah!

Spring Afternoon Stroll

We finally made it to the post office in the afternoon; at least the Little Dude enjoyed the stroll! Perhaps the shrieking indicates that he's bored? Or perhaps he is challenging me and the cats to a screaming contest, of sorts. The cats usually prefer quiet baby - poor Lotus was awakened from her slumber multiple times today (sorry, Lotus! Perhaps he'll be quieter tomorrow?).

New baby tricks? Well, Boy Friday likes to play on the floor with his toys and is pushing himself up pretty far. No belly off the ground, yet, though. Apparently his booster seat/high chair indicates "time to shriek at the top of my lungs." Until some food is found that he's interested in, anyhow. Chester is VERY interested in the little guy's meat sticks. One of these days I'm going to find him sitting on the tray chowing down. Oh, and the Little Dude has discovered cabinets - he can reach the handles from his chair! I'll check through my videos and see if there's anything fun, but the little guy seems to know what I'm doing and stops anything interesting as soon as I point the camera at him.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teething Pains.


We've had some teething issues this past week (or so it seems)! One night Baby Friday woke up and cried for almost an entire half-hour. Bummer. Poor little dude. It doesn't look like any new teeth are in just yet - I'm hoping for soon. The Little Dude has also been practicing his screamy voice lately - you know, all day long. Oh boy! The shrieking is somewhat taxing on the human (and cat) ears. We're hoping for a calmer, more playful, less um...noisy baby soon. Sure.

Shovel it in!

Tigger says "Happy Easter!"

Easter Tigger

There is some (minor) evidence that we are, in fact, in SPRING and not WINTER. The snow that fell yesterday all melted before noon today. And there is some plant growth, even!

Perhaps Spring?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Eight Month Doctor Visit

April 3 09

Today we went to the doctor for Boy Friday's 8-month visit. He's been rather cranky lately and we suspected a tooth or two might be coming in. Yep! They aren't in yet, but apparently FOUR teeth are coming in. All four upper incisors! No wonder the little guy is having so much trouble sleeping.

Boy Friday hasn't grown very fast lately - just one inch in length in the last two months, and less than one pound in weight! Now he's at the 10th percentile for weight, 40th for height. And I thought he was going to be huge based on how big he got in the first couple of months!

He's moving around quite a bit now - no crawling yet, but he can definitely get around. Not too speedy yet, either - which is a good thing! The doctor says we can phase out the pureed foods, and move on to mainly finger foods. The little dude has gotten really good at his pincer grip and putting little puffs and o's in his mouth (and he seems to enjoy it).

Playing with Teddy Bear