Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teeth and Other Happenings

Showing Off Teeth

Look at those upper teeth! They're finally starting to show. He's had them coming in for a while, now, but only recently have we been able to see them well.

Friday really likes water - fountains, bath, water table, kiddie pool... although oddly, he would prefer to NOT wash his hands. Usually. Earlier this evening, the water in the tub was enticing enough for him to pull himself up on the tub edge to see it more closely! So, we're pretty sure he CAN pull himself up... he's just not that into it. Yet.

Current tricks include opening cabinets, pulling hair (his, mine, the cats, daddy's leg hair...whatever), and screaming when things don't go his way. Which, by the way, happens to be OFTEN. You know, when I won't let him have the curry. Or, perhaps, when he can't get the refrigerator door open. Or, when the cabinet under the sink won't open (he often pulls at the hinge side, and really, there isn't much I can do about it not opening there). Or, when I attempt to change his diaper or put clothes on him. Or take them off.

The Little Dude has decided he enjoys Grover's company (and sometimes Pooh also):

July 22 09

Bedtime hasn't been so bad lately, either. Maybe it's Grover? Of course, there is always the fun of playing with the crib aquarium. Who knows?

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RheLynn said...

great teeth picture!