Monday, November 3, 2008

Wow! He's so Alert!

Friday, Halloween. We didn't do a costume this year. Probably a good thing as the little man would likely have soaked it in drool (or had some other accident to cause staining) in no time. It's been extremely warm here lately and Friday enjoyed his photo shoot on the porch. Unfortunately (for the photos), he's quite an active baby and most of these are a wee bit blurry!

Why are some babies his age so....drowsy looking? We met up with some Chicago mamas and their little ones today down in Logan Square, and this guy thought it was all pretty fun. He laughed and took it all in. The five-month-old baby nearby was cranky and drowsy - and looked smaller than Friday. Indeed, Friday looked about the size of Ellis (8 months) and Juda (7 months). Not complaining... although it's a LONG way down to pick him up out of the pack n'play now that I've had to remove the top basinet. And no, I'm not kidding - we did meet a little girl named Juda today. 

Tomorrow: I guess it's time to VOTE. I'm staying away from downtown (I hear they're expecting at least a million people at the Obama rally). And they aren't allowing strollers.

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