Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby's First Thanksgiving!

Well, I don't have too much to say about our Thanksgiving, except that Baby Friday was not impressed with the event.  He must've thought the house we were at was a bit too noisy, so he'd go ahead and join in and make his own noise. Yep. Although others assured us that he wasn't bothering them... well, he was bothering ME. I can't eat with a small, squirmy, and noisy creature sitting (squirming) in my lap. Hopefully he'll do better at our next event (whatever that might be).  The little guy proceeded to take a nap on the way home which made him nice and chipper for the rest of the evening (until oh... 1 am?). 

Although Baby Friday is usually terrible at taking daytime naps - he's usually ok sleeping through the night. Usually. If I can get him to nap during the day, it leads to him finally settling down for the night later than I'd planned (11 pm - 1 am or so). Here's a video of morning baby (note that he is no longer wrapped - he NEVER stays wrapped):

The weather channel tells me there is a 90-100% chance of snow tomorrow. Perhaps even 4-6 inches! Um. We don't have snow boots yet.

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