Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Doctor is Quite Unpopular.

Wow. Boy Friday is no longer ok with the doctor's office - or anyone in it. Especially anyone who might speak to him and/or touch him. Good thing the doctor was running late. We only spent 30 or 40 minutes crying (um, Friday, not me). Hah. I was *this* close to leaving without having the vaccinations done. I'd had quite enough of the waiting while my child just cried and cried and cried. Especially since I KNEW if we walked out the door he would be fine! He kept saying "car! car! car!" And sometimes "bunny!!!" (we forgot to bring bunny.)

So besides all of that, I think everything is fine. I couldn't hear anything to doctor was saying, nor could I think straight, so... ? But, Boy Friday is 34.5" tall (85th percentile), and apparently 25 lbs 5 oz (30th percentile - up 5 oz in two weeks? huh).

Park on Sunday

Tire Swing

Sticks at the Park

Some photos from a week ago at Jefferson Park. It was quite chilly again. Then it was oh, 80? Crazy temperature changes.

In odd sleeping news, Friday decided to go sleep in the papasan chair in the middle of the night. I wonder how long he was in there before I woke up and went to check on him? At least he stayed in his room all night for once!

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