Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is Rather Chilly

Boy at the Park

Boy at the Park

We made it out to the park again the other day, but it really was a bit on the cold side. Like, oh, 40's. And windy. Right now it's 30's. I'm not planning on wearing that down coat again! Nope.

So, what has Boy Friday been up to these days? He says "cool" and "duh" and "pretty" (pipi). I think he might even kind of understand cool and pretty. Everything is blue (boooo). Generally, there are also two of everything (he tries counting the coffee scoops with me, which is quite distracting, actually). He still carries around stuffed animals - these days he loves bunny. I almost forgot! He says "mama" - but it means edamame. I know, it's weird.

Oh, and he can open doors now. The front door is rather easy, so that needs to stay locked! And the bathroom door, which is a lever handle (and he can lock it, too, which I suppose could result in him locking himself INSIDE the bathroom by himself).

On the sleeping front, we're down to one 45 minute nap a day.

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