Monday, October 26, 2009

Dancing Boy

Now that he's been walking for a couple of weeks, Friday's on to more difficult moves - dancing! Well, and he's still up to his old tricks of moving and stacking cans of food. Still having trouble getting video of words - but he says Chester, cheese ("shuh"), ball (all things that start with "b" are "Buh"), and shoes ('shus'). He tried to say grapes and banana today, but wouldn't repeat them. The other day he wanted a soda can - I try to keep these out of his reach since he will likely THROW them. Not a good idea. I handed him the can just to see what he might do. He picked at the tab, then pretended to drink out of the correct location! So funny! Obviously he had seen me do it and wanted to try, too. No, he didn't want to drink it - just to imitate.

All four molars are at least partially erupted - so now we're up to 12 teeth.

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