Sunday, June 14, 2009

This week in the land of shrieking baby...

Yes, Boy Friday has been up to his old tricks again. Shrieking up a storm! Indeed, every single time he gets strapped into a seat of any kind, shrieking ensues. Both new and old car seats? Check. Big stroller? Check. Umbrella stroller? Check. Booster seat/high chair? Check!

Anyway... it has occurred to me that the Little Dude has grown out of a lot of his clothing. Lengthwise, anyhow. So, sleepers with feet are not working so well right now. No, it isn't very cold, but jackets are still required in the evenings here - and the other day it was in the 50's! Good thing the little guy still has a jacket or two that fit. His 12 month pants don't fit so well, though - a wee bit baggy yet (especially in the waist!).

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention that he now has SEVEN teeth. Wow! Most have come in twos, though... where is that eighth tooth?? Weird (see his three bottom teeth in the photo).
June 10 09

In other new developments....

Even with those baggy pants he's moving forward! Yesterday and the day before he was inching forward just a bit - he's especially motivated to get the cats. Although Lotus moves quickly when Friday is nearby... Chester waits until the little guy is on top of him before moving. I suspect he will learn to move more quickly... but we'll see!

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