Monday, June 29, 2009

Eleven Months Old (and it's been awhile!)


Well, the Little Dude is now eleven months old! I just checked to see if I had any photos from a year ago... but I don't seem to on this computer. Not that I am too fond of my goofy-looking pregnant self of one year ago. In fact, I suspect there aren't any photos from exactly this time last year, as I had an evil-looking rash all over my arms and legs. Not something I enjoyed showing off (really, it was quite frightening to look at).

This guy is much cuter to look at anyhow:

June 22 09

We've spent a lot of our time lately chasing Boy Friday around the house as he attempts to harass the cats (especially chester, the cat who doesn't move unless his paws are pulled and sat upon repeatedly), get into the litter box, play with the baby monitor (it has a cool night light that he just wants to touch), and he just loves trying to get into daddy's office area (pretty blue power button on the cpu is so tempting).

Ever since he's started crawling, he's been pushing up to a kneeling position. I've found him in his crib turning the aquarium on and off, on and off, on and off... And he seems to be able to push himself up like this using the wall, my legs, the cats, unstable plastic objects... whatever!

Just so you all know you aren't missing out on anything - there are no Birthday festivities planned for next month. I don't think Boy Friday is going to feel too deprived, though. I mean, he *is* only turning ONE. I don't remember my first birthday. Do you?

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