Thursday, December 11, 2008

Watching Lots of TV here.

Yes, we're watching lots of TV. Specifically - Baby Einstein videos. So mom can shower. Or check email. Or just not have to carry the little guy around the house.  He seems to really enjoy the videos (he always smiles when he sees the caterpillar in the beginning). 

Ok, I haven't actually seen any of the videos start-to-finish yet. When I get a chance, I've been watching Ugly Betty. It's nice to find another tv series to watch finally - I've tried out quite a few only to find that I'm just not that into them (Burn Notice, Weeds, Lost, the Office - I know, I'm crazy, huh? SO wish I found that one funny). Anyway...

Boy Friday has begun taking notice of the cats (and they seem more interested in him all of a sudden, too). I'll have to see if I can get them checking each other out on video - the little guy was laughing today because his hand was being rubbed by the Tyger. I need to be careful, though, because Friday really likes to grab anything that gets close to his hand (hair, fur, icky stuff on the ground).

In other notes... Anya just ate some ribbon off a present. I didn't realize until today, actually. Just what I need - a repeat of the Easter grass incident.

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