Monday, November 8, 2010

Books and Reading

October 31 - reading before heading out
Checking out some books while in costume on Halloween
While we were out doing some grocery shopping today, the Boy decided he'd have a look at a Cars (you know, the Disney/Pixar movie) book. It's one with several different stories, rather thick, and has PAPER pages, rather than those board books he usually gets to read. He was entranced with this book for hours. All through Costco. Carried it into the grocery store. And we read one story out of it before bedtime.

He just looks so much OLDER "reading" such a big book! He has a lot of the stories memorized, I would guess, since he can almost always finish the line you're reading. Recently he's actually been mistaken for an older child quite often. At the My Gym Halloween party, one mother thought he was close in age to her own child - who is FOUR. Seriously? Four? I don't think so. Others have thought he's got to be at least three. It's true he's rather tall for a two-year-old, but he still uses his pacifier, and has been known to throw tantrums in check-out lines. Not that older kids don't do that. A woman at the garden said she'd thought he was older because he speaks so well.

Well, that may be the case, but, honestly, I don't understand half of what the little dude says! I'm really amused that he's started introducing himself to everyone at stores - "I sa shude and this is elmo." Sometimes he'll tell them that "this is mommy," too. Nobody understands "Isa Shude." Probably just as well.

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RheLynn said...

Wow - yes he really has gotten so big!