Monday, October 18, 2010

This evening at home...

toddler,26 months old,boy,boy friday
The Boy has noticed the camera...

26 months old,boy,boy frid
More grinning from the Boy

toddler,26 months old,boy,boy friday
He might take after his mother.

Why no color photos, you ask? Well, the lighting was awful and for some bizarre reason, the Boy didn't look at the camera when I used color anyhow. So, here we've got a couple black and white shots! The Boy is really into whatever is on TV right now - Caillou perhaps? We were definitely watching the Sprout channel, but it could have been any number of weird shows.

I need to start weaning him off the TV, since he's become a little obsessive about watching it. He wants to watch bee-oh (video) even when he sits down for lunch or dinner. I suppose he is learning some from the TV (this evening he stood up on his dresser, started singing and said "Wiggle"). Currently the Boy enjoys Thomas (still, of course), Bob the Builder (I build it! Yes he can!), the recently discovered Handy Manny (hanny mundy), and Caillou. Elmo is fun, too, but since Elmo is not the whole of Sesame Street, it's rare that he'll sit and watch the whole thing. Oh, and he's usually happy to watch baseball.

Something new I've noticed recently is that the Boy is getting frightened of certain scenes in Thomas videos - "mommy, OFF!" - and he'll ask to get down out of his seat if he's strapped in. It's interesting because a few weeks ago, he was watching those same scenes without any problems.

See that last photo up there? He likes to pile things. And put them into bags or boxes. Especially bags, though. I wonder if that behavior is actually inherited? It isn't as if he's trying to hide the toys from anyone - he just likes putting them in bags and dumping them out. He also likes putting containers of all sorts on his head (fire hat! struction hat!). Oh, and all sorts of things are "rocket ship!" (such as, an old baby bottle he found). I think he learned that on Caillou.

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