Saturday, May 15, 2010

and some photos of the kid, too.

14 May 2010 {check out my feet}

14 May 2010 {yum, pad-ow-wee}

14 May 2010 {laughing!}

Yes, I am aware that it is haircut time! Boy Friday is looking quite shaggy.

Friday apparently knows about half of the letters?! Of course, W is his favorite "da-doo-ee" - and there are quite a few that he just knows the object appoo for A. He keeps going into the kitchen and yanking the refrigerator open. The other day, he decided he wanted KIWI!!! Oddly, he hadn't had any kiwi in weeks. I hadn't mentioned kiwi either... so I'm not at all sure how he suddenly got it in his head that I had kiwi in the fridge. Had to go buy some. I left the kitchen a couple of days ago, only to return and find half the contents of the fridge stacked on the table. He exclaimed "blackie!" when he saw me {that'd be blackberries}. Friday is all about the fruit - no thank you on the vegetables. Except carrots. Sometimes he'll eat a carrot.

The choo-choo addiction is still in full force. We're watching choo-choos all day long here. Sometimes on both the TV and the portable DVD player at the SAME TIME. Boy Friday has favorites, but is learning all of the names - Bertie the Bus, Diesel, Percy, Toby, Thomas (those two both sound like Tibby), Gordon, Mavis (currently Me-me). He's now got three wooden Thomas trains (Percy, Victor, and Diesel), and he'll be getting a few more. Hopefully we won't get pulled into owning fifty trains and train tables and whatnot.

Here's one of the things Boy Friday likes to do:
14 May 2010 {look at this neat line of toy cars}

He'll line them up on window ledges throughout the house. The one in the kitchen is especially bothersome, as it SLOPES and the trains/cars/trucks slip off continually. So he'll shriek. The shrieking is fun. The ledge he's using in the above photo?

14 May 2010 {my favorite spot on the sofa}

Yes, he's standing on the back of the couch.

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