Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terrible Twos?

Check out my Teeth!

Yikes, but little mr. Willful has arrived. The tantrums have increased in the last two days - screaming when I can't guess what he wants to eat (last night he wanted oatmeal right out of the container - yuck). Screaming if I'm not in his room when he wakes up (at 3am, no less). Screaming if I leave the room for a second. Now, I suppose it COULD be teething. You might be able to see his new canines coming in above. He was laughing at the camera (maybe at that funny red-eye light?). One of his happier moments today! I'm not sure that all four canines have arrived yet - but at least his right two are definitely in (both upper and lower).

He's now saying "hi" and "bye-bye" (maybe it's baby - not sure). He's also got a word for "flower" - but I have no clue what it is. In fact, it may be his first or second word - but it sounds nothing like flower. Sounds a little like his words for cheese or shoes. Both Thomas (the train) and Tyger are "tee." But, he hasn't quite gotten the hang of that sound yet. So, how many new words this week? Ten?

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