Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whoops... there goes Smartypants!

Friday had an accident yesterday - just minor, really. He caught his hand under his leg while he was sitting and fell forward, hitting his face on the wood floor. He's fallen before, but usually it's been the back of his head being clunked. Unfortunately, this led to some bleeding (which finally stopped maybe five hours later). Poor little guy. In these photos (from today) you can kind of see the red spots on his upper lip from where his upper incisors hit. Luckily, he didn't seem at all bothered by his lip today - and it doesn't seem too swollen, either.

May 21 09

May 21 09 (d)

Looking Small

We've been having a bit of trouble with nap time lately. We are down to one short nap some days, and two long naps other days. Weird and rather annoying (because he *is* tired those days when I can't seem to get him to sleep at all)!

Lunch and dinner have become difficult, too. Friday is very demanding and selective these days. What, no more cheese? Well I'm not eating these silly puffs. Or these green things. GIMME MORE CHEESE. Or yogurt. (He'll take yogurt almost always.) Not fast enough with the cheese? Ok, then - I'll just be shrieking here until you can get back to me with that. And NO WAY on those bananas. ICK. Peaches? Eh. Not so much, thanks.

May 14 09 (a)

Oh, and then there's the dressing and diaper changing... like wrestling a greased pig. And he just grabs ahold of the changing pad and flips over onto his belly. Repeatedly. Oh, and sometimes screams, too. Sometimes diverting with toys works... sometimes. Smartypants!

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Emily said...

On nap or two, he still has the best hair ever.