Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DST = Time Confusion

We have now been on Daylight Saving Time for a week. I am no longer used to springing forward, as I must have been as a kid (did I even notice then? I suspect I worried about when to change the time and being late for something. I don't think I knew it was supposed to be at 2 am. Plus, I was always late, so really, what was there to worry about?) It's rather strange to suddenly have the sun go down around 7 pm. I keep thinking it's only 5 or only 6, then realize it's 7 or 8! I'm not sure I like it. If it were mid-summer, I suppose that's ok - but when will the sun go down THEN? Nine? Yikes.

Ok, ANYWAY - we took advantage of the 70-degree weather and went for a short walk this evening (it was around 6 pm in these photos).

Love my New Ride (March 17)
Mom and the Little Dude
Dad and the Little Dude

And here's what the Little Dude has been working on lately - putting food into his mouth and chewing! He still has just the two bottom teeth, but he's certainly getting the hang of the chewing. He was grabbing these faster than I could turn on the camera - so there is only one left already!

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