Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tonight's Sleeping Baby Brought to You By...

... one twitchy calf muscle, two stiff arms, and forty minutes of patience. Please thank our sponsors: Crocs and Tylenol.

Might Bite!
But he's still asleep (for now!). We've had two rough nights in a row here. Last night the little dude went to sleep for half an hour, then was up for the next FOUR. Bummer. No idea what was causing the problem. Today it could be pain from the shots, though. The doctor thinks some teeth will be showing up in the next few weeks - he says he will "almost guarantee it." Alrighty then.

The doctor also says we can start Boy Friday on some food - he says banana. Well, I don't have any banana in the house... so we went with rice cereal (aka white, sticky mush). Yum! No, I didn't want to taste it myself. 

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RheLynn said...

hehe he sure looks happy! Hope you get the sleeping situation worked out soon. We started Esme on rice cereal and/or sweet potatoes as her first foods and she loved them. Now she loves sliced bananas as a mid-day snack though.