Monday, October 13, 2008

To the Loop and Back

That's our train station - and the train we got on this morning to go visit Mu and Papa at Union Station. We used our new carrier which worked out ok. It's still a bit difficult when you have nowhere to put the baby down. Since its rather warm today, we both got rather sweaty, too!

Mu spent a long time holding Boy Friday and trying to convince him to holler. But for the most part he just wanted to chat. Which is fine by me, really, because I prefer a happy baby. The one thing he really didn't like was the crazy Dyson hand drier in the bathroom. Looks cool, but its way too LOUD. 
We made it home just fine and now we're relaxing and slobbering on our fingers. Oh ok, that's just the baby. You know, I really think he'd love it if he could sit upright already. 


Hadley Gets Crafty said...

He'll be sitting soon. I used to do physical rehabilitation with infants. I wonder if any of the muscle building exercises we did with them would encourage your boy Friday to sit sooner... ;)

RheLynn said...

We would make a nest out of a few pillows and prop Esme up so she could sit up and see everything but still have her head supported. She loved it, especially at our dinner time so she could watch us eat and talk. We were always there with a hand if she began to slip or etc...

Be glad for a happy baby :) I see so many squallers at work that cry non-stop until they are held, even up to six months. Esme was basically happy too, her grandpa often says she wouldn't cry unless you pinched her. Which, wasn't true of course because when she did/does get mad about something we hear about it loudly!

Friday has such a fuzzy head :)