Sunday, September 28, 2008

Having sock issues.

Yes, his feet were big at birth. And they're still looking rather large. See evidence:
Ok, that's a bit exaggerated, as the sock was falling off. But still. His new red socks, however, fit very well! So, he's got one pair of socks that fit.

Boy Friday decided that he'd let mommy sleep the last two nights - slept 7 hours Friday night, and 5 hours last night. I suspect this won't last, but I enjoy it when it happens. I'm certainly learning to be more flexible about when I sleep. 

It's always fun in the morning, because he's usually in a good mood:
Not so great, however, if this is what he's doing at 5 am. I much prefer the 7 am wake-up. It's hard to be too upset when he thinks everything is hilarious, though!

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